20 Jan 2017

New Year, New Me…

I’ve never been one for end of year round ups, I prefer looking forward. My favourite shoot is always my next one as it holds so much promise and potential. That said, there is nothing better than hearing from a satisfied client who has just received their images!


I’ve made some big changes over the last few months, stopping drinking, getting back to regular training, and most recently (yesterday!) I’ve started taking 10 minutes every morning to just sit and clear my head. Call it mindfulness, call it meditation, call it what you will, but already I feel more productive starting the day with a fresh outlook. I got the inspiration from Tim Ferris and Chase Jarvis, check out the video here and i’m pretty sure its something i’ll be aiming to keep up every day.


Like so many other busy people, I’ve neglected this blog recently, but from now on I will be posting more content here, new images, lighting setups, behind the scenes shots, all sorts really. So be sure to check back every Friday for new content.


So today to kick things off I wanted to share a resource that i’ve used for my new fitness portfolio. I think this style of mini portfolio is a great way for new clients to get a feel of what goes on here and just what we can do for them. I use a website called to put it all together and it couldn’t be simpler. Just upload a Pdf version of your favourite images and they do the rest. There are tonnes of customs options available (for a price of course!) but I find the free version is good enough for my current needs.  The output can then be embedded into a webpage or posted online, and it is perfectly mobile friendly. Go check it out and let me know how you get on!

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.




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